Rosacea: Get Rid Of Fatal Skin Disease

Published: 28th April 2010
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Rosacea is a skin disease, which affects the area of face, specially, nose, forehead and cheeks by small patches of red spots. It is a chronic skin condition involves a serious inflammation of eyelid, nose, chin, forehead and ultimately whole the face. The signs of it can be appeared as red bumps, pimples, redness, swelling, and rashes just like acne.

Generally, it is said that the people of the northwestern European suffer mostly in these symptoms but the people related to other areas and regions have chances to suffer in it. This critical situation is happened with both females and males, but the ratio of suffering women is three times more than males. The peak age of its occurrence is thirty to sixty. Initially, it begins with the redness, especially at the cheeks, eye lids, and nose but in some cases, it also can affects the other areas like neck, chin, ears and scalp.

The skin disease of Rosacea consists of 4 types. One patient can have any one type out of these four. These types are mentioned as follows:

• Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea: It has the symptoms of complete and permanent redness along with the skin flushing and blushing. Sometimes, in this types, the vessels of blood are visible near the skin's surface that caused itching, scratches and irritation.

• Papulopustular rosacea: It has the symptoms of redness along with pus filed bumps. It remains for two to three days. This type is similar to acne and patient suffering in these symptoms can confused and go for treatment of acne.

• Phymatous rosacea: In this type the nose is suffered and covered with red spots and bumps and get enlarge from its original size. Irritating, itching, thickening of the skin. Phymatous can create infection on the chin, ears, forehead, eyelid and cheeks. In this condition the blood vessel can be visible near the surface of the skin.

• Ocular rosacea: In this sub type the symptoms may include as redness and dryness of eyes and eyelids. Some more signs and infections of this sub type rosacea are body sensation, pain, irritation and burning.

Rosacea is a skin disorder that is very common all over the world. According to estimation, it is said that only in America in 2008; almost 14 million people have suffered in this skin damage. The patients suffer in the red small bumps and pimples. Main indications of this facial disorder are the patches of red or pink color, red cysts, swelled face and eyes, small visible blood vessels.

Most of the people who have suffered in such a fatal condition not even know about its effect and dangerous and not know about the treatment of it that it is curable. Normally, people just know and consider these signs that their skin has damaged due to sunburn. If this disease is not treated early, the small blood vessel becomes more enlarge in big lines which are known as telangiectasias. As long as you will delay to do treat and make proper cure of rosacea, with the passage of time, problem will become more serious for you as well.

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